Chargers News · All-Sports Passes online sales begin July 13th!

North Decatur Athletics
2020-2021 Ticket and Sports Pass Sales

This year Charger fans will have a new online option for purchasing both game tickets and sports passes. Both of these can be purchased by going to our North Decatur Athletics website:

Once there, point to “More” which is located in the upper right side of the screen. Then click on “Online Ticket Sales” under the Charger HQ column on the left.
Please note: If you click on “Tickets” on the homepage rather than going through the “More” tab you will have to create a login with VNN. You can still purchase tickets and passes but it requires this extra step.

All-Sports Passes:
In an effort to get accurate event attendances, all online purchases, including sports pass holders, will have to have their ticket or pass scanned at each game (i.e. – you no longer just show your pass to the ticket seller, they will be scanning in everyone at each event this year).

We will have two lines at each ticket booth – one for online purchases and sports passes and a second for people purchasing tickets at the gate.

This year the prices for All-Sport passes are as follows:
Student – $25 Senior (65 and older) – $25
Adult – $80 Family of 4 – $165
Family of 5 – $170 Family of 6 – $175
Family of 7 – $180
Families of 8 or larger do not have the option to purchase passes online and will have to purchase them from the high school office. Sales will begin online July 13th or from the high school office July 27th.

Please note the following when purchasing all-sports passes:
You will have the option of having your pass as either digital or printed.
Digital will be sent to each person’s phone and you will show this each time you attend a sporting event. There is a one-time $3 per person fee for this option.
Printed will be a personalized card that will be delivered to you. You will show this card at each sporting event. There is a one-time $5 per person fee for this option.
In addition to the $3 or $5 fee (which goes to the service provider – Hometown Ticketing), there is also a small credit card convenience fee attached to each transaction.

Individual Game Tickets
Tickets can be purchased online until 30 minutes after the game’s start time.
Tickets are immediately emailed to the purchaser.
At the game you can have the ticket scanned from your phone or you can print the tickets and bring them with you to the game to be scanned.

**Please note that should either a North Decatur game or entire season be cancelled due to Covid-19, fans will only be able to get a partial refund on tickets or passes purchased online.